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October 2013

Setting up an Ibanez IMG-2010 Guitar Synth controller

I have the joy of owning an Ibanez IMG-2010 Guitar Synth, which can be had quite cheap on Ebay, yet are excellent quality Steinberger style guitars, and originally sold for quite a princely sum. Wayne Joness' very informative GR-300 site extolls the qualities of this beast in great detail. I'm yet to do the conversion to a DB-25 pin connector and fit the G-202 hex fuzz circuit, but it's planned.

Downgrading Apple Airport Express 802.11g (A1084) firmware

I've had an Apple Airport Express 1st Generation, 802.11g model A1084 since new, c. 2004. This has long been superseded by newer versions, and for sometime it was just doing duty for me as a USB print server, not as a router. However, it seems that there is a bug introduced around v6.2 of the firmware that would cause it to go offline when configured to "join wireless network". Restarting the AE would allow it to run, but it would soon drop off the net. It became particularly troubling as it would become unresponsive almost as soon as it was configured, barely even allowing a single print job to be sent. It's not clear what the cause is or where exactly the bug may lie.