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MusicKit V5.6.0 now available

After a period that is much longer than I had hoped for, a new release V5.6.0 of the MusicKit is now available. The change log is huge, but the highlights are:

  • Documentation on building the MusicKit has been improved.
  • Now builds on MacOS 10.5.X Intel or PPC and GNUstep.
  • No longer requires external libraries to build. The system will be built with reduced functionality (mostly impacting the SndKit) if the dependent libraries are not installed.
  • A more complete set of applications, utility commands and examples are built on both MacOS X and particularly on GNUstep.
  • HelpViewer help documentation is now available for some Applications (ScorePlayer, Spectro, EnvelopeEd).
  • A set of C language UnitGenerators by Julius Smith has now been incorporated into the distribution. A future version of the MusicKit will properly integrate these with the Objective-C unit generators for native synthesis. Julius' contribution greatly simplifies this process.
  • A binary installation package for MacOS X is currently in preparation. At the moment, only the source is released.
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