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Bush-house demonstrates impressive consistency of opinion

After Iran announced they would be putting several Al Qaeda suspects on trial, White House spokesman Scott McClellan said: "We want to see action, and the action we want to see is that they turn over those al Qaeda members in their custody to their country of origin."

Mad cow disease infecting humans in the U.S.A more than recognised?

A very well researched, referenced and written article by an M.D., Michael Greger, on the argument that sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease could be the result of BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) transfer similar to variant CJD, which is known to be caused by BSE infection. Sporadic CJD is much more wide-spread than the variant form, with many cases reported in the U.S. and many misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's disease.

Thanks to Jill for the link.

Even the U.S. military thinks Guantanamo Bay detainees trials are unfair

Major Michael Mori, the U.S. military counsel for the Australian alleged Taliban David Hicks has stated that his trial is unfair:

"Using the commission process just creates an unfair system that threatens to convict the innocent and provides the guilty a justifiable complaint as to their convictions".

Local elections barred in Iraq

From an article in the Financial Times reporting the British in Basra are arguing open elections are possible:

The Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad has had an unofficial policy banning even local elections since the end of the war, according to US military officials interviewed at locations throughout Iraq. This is despite the assessment of the military that elections are feasible within very short periods of time.

Aussies are even bigger warmongers than Yankees

It turns out that the Australian SAS (Special Air Service) started the war on Iraq before it had even been formally declared by Bush, killing Iraqi soldiers, according to articles in The Age.

I'm ashamed of my governments complicity in this illegal war. Thanks to Samos for the link.

Thankfully we have an election this year also.

My dream laptop

I use an Apple 2001 vintage G4 Powerbook about 15 hours a day. It's great, but looking forward, here's my realisable dream machine:

Dual processor 2GHz G5s.

4Gb flash memory for the operating system.

802.11g (54Mbps) WiFi with wide spread coverage.

No hard disk! Uses a distributed secure file sharing protocol, perhaps the Andrew File System, perhaps even WebDAV.

OLED (Organic LED) display, no backlight required.

Clark's position on the School of the Americas

Presidential candidate Wesley Clark was recently asked whether, as president, he would close down the School of the Americas. He replied he wouldn't. I hope Michael Moore took notice of his endorsed candidate's position.

The Address

This was the first state of the union speech I had the opportunity to view while I've been in the U.S. As Chomsky has noted, if the administration repeats the lies often enough and they are reported by the corporate media with little fact checking, analysis or comment, they become accepted as truth.


A very well written analysis of the current crippling state of U.S. militarism by Chalmers Johnson via

...and the winners are...

...Clark and Lieberman.

The maneuver by the two most right wing candidates of the Democrat party to avoid the Iowa caucus can be seen to have now skewed the field to the right.

By most analysis, Iowans voted strategically and Kerry appealed as a candidate that could compete with Bush. However that now leads him to accept the front running position and become the "pin-cushion", except he now has to endure another round of Lieberman's spoiling that was used so effectively against Dean.

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