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Music Production

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Relating to music production and composition

Restoring a Micromoog

Some time back, I acquired a Micromoog analog, monophonic synth. These little beasts are a single oscillator synth, but include a sub-oscillator, 24dB/Oct filter, good modulation, ribbon pitch bend and CV interfacing. The clincher was one appeared cheap on Ebay advertised as requiring "Tender Loving Care": the wooden base needed replacing, but that it did work.

I already have a Multimoog, which is a two oscillator, pressure sensitive keyboard version of the Micromoog, and the thought of operating the two in unison was too great an opportunity. The Multimoog needs work on the power supply and obtaining a Micromoog helps diagnose the Multimoog's power supply behaviour. Expect a blog about the Multimoog in the future.

Minuet in E major duet

A Minuet in E major recorded as a double tracked duet by the Baroque composer Adam Falckenhagen.

Sax Oud Duo

I had the wonderful opportunity to jam with Martha Sparks, an excellent alto saxophonist from Melbourne at my apartment in NYC, early 2001. This is an improvisation between Martha and me on sax and oud (Arabic lute) respectively.

Open Eyes

A multitrack recording of GR-300 guitar synthesizer & fretless bass.

G-202 conversion

I recently finished modifying my main axe, a Roland G-202 guitar synth controller, installing a set of RMC bridge piezoelectric pickups in addition to the original GK-1 hexaphonic pickup electronics. This allows simultaneously controlling both an Axon-100MKII (digital, MIDI) and a Roland GR-300 (analogue) guitar synthesisers. This was to avoid resorting to trying to build a 24-pin splitter and BC-13 (which runs the GK-1 pickups at +/-7V rather than the original +/-15V.

Ellipiticalis Kemahl (Still Waiting)

(c. 1994 1:09)

Some off-centre turntablism in collaboration with Aaran Lodge.

Madal Solo

(c. 1997, 4:07)

A performance on a Nepalese Madal, a double ended drum somewhere between a South Indian Mridangam and a North Indian bayan tabla.


(4/1994 5:42, stereo)

Caribbean Wedding

In March I joined Jill and many friends in Puerto Rico to celebrate Anja and Tetsu's wedding. As part of the celebrations and ceremony, I had written the titled little piece for guitar for them that I played on the beach at sunset. I wasn't really familiar with the guitar I borrowed & a bit nervy, so I fluff it a bit but the recording captures the atmosphere of playing with the early evening waves rolling in on the beach. It was a beautiful day.

Notions of Location

This is a one minute sound piece written Nov. 1993 and presented at the 1993 Evos/PICA Soundweek. It was later performed at the International Computer Music Conference in 1996.

The title refers to the intrinsic distortion of any recording technology, of contrived suggestions of different spaces that we deal with listening to any recording.

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