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Non musical art projects


I've been experimenting with panoramic photographs on and off for several years. I've now posted a set shot many years ago now, in NYC and India, using a Kiwi panoramic head and a Kodak DC240.

Banksy strikes again

Banksy hits Disneyland. Courtesy of Brett. Actually Aussie John Saffran pulled a similar stunt at Disneyland many years ago, planting a fake caption under a photo of Walt, noting his anti-semitism.

Military Corporatism

An engaging animation with commentary on the rising U.S. war machine. The message is a little simplistic for my tastes but makes for some great art.

Military Censorship of Filmmaking

The mealy-mouthed self-censorship of Hollywood is legendary, particularly the Hayes code preventing anything approaching realistic depictions of a variety of adult behaviour. An entertaining description is provided by experimental filmmaker Kenneth Anger in Hollywood Bablyon. More frightening is the degree of censorship exercised by the U.S. military in controlling the depiction of U.S. military (and therefore the entire western world public's view of militarism).

Adbusters anti-sweatshop shoe & The Take

The anti-corporate Adbusters group has started an initiative to produce vegan, hemp sneakers which are produced with fair labour conditions. The shoes have a look similar to Converse (which I wear, buying them prior to them going bankrupt and being bought by the sweatshop baron Nike). Each pair purchased buys shares in the fair trading company, establishing collective ownership and democratised investment.

Missile Dick Chicks on Tour

The Missile Dick Chicks have begun reporting from the road on their tour of Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina and Washington. Aiming to sing and dance dubya ("W = War!") back into office with such delightful ditties as "Shop in Name of War" and "These Bombs Were Made For Dropping", these Patriot missile equipped ladies from Crawford, Texas are just the thing for the next Bechtel board meeting, NASDAQ trading floor or local shopping mall.

What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes?

In the tradition of funk with a message and big props to Fela Kuti and James Brown, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings have a new single out What If We All Stop Paying Taxes?, hosted on the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee site. I'm here to attest these guys and gals are incredible live on the NYC scene.

Birthday Biking and Parenthood Planning

Last night I had the opportunity to celebrate my birthday joining (according to the NYPD) 5000 bike riders in a critical mass bike ride through Manhattan streets. That some 264 riders were arrested is ridiculous - at worst there were some traffic violations of riding through a red light - riders never impeded an ambulance or other important vehicle. These were misdemeanours, not offences warranting arrest.

Popular Support for Venezuela's Chavez

President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez is facing a referendum on his presidency on August 15th. Chavez has already fought off one coup attempt (see the documentary The Revolution Will Not Be Televised) by the corporatist opposition who bought the referendum, using falsified signatures on the petition.

Woodys Legacy

Reinterpreting Woody Guthries "This Land", courtesy of JibJab with more than a touch of South Park influence. Hilarious.

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