Month: February 2004

Dear Mary

February 24, 2004 Off

Upping the ante in the issue of gay marriage, allows sending Mary Cheney, openly lesbian daughter of Dick Cheney a postcard to ask her why she is tacitly supporting her fathers anti-gay position. The questions to Mary might not be comfortable, but neither is living a life being denied human dignities like hospital visitation,…

By leigh

Pentagon predicts climate change wars by 2020

February 23, 2004 Off

The Observer is running a story on a leaked report that has come from the Pentagon predicting that climate change will threaten security of the U.S. and other nations as natural disasters and loss of arable land threaten the economic stability of nations. It predicts that climate change will be a greater threat than terrorism…

By leigh

The Nationalities of the Guantanamo Bay Detainees.

February 19, 2004 Off

An insight into the nationalities of the Guantanamo Bay detainees. It is interesting to note that the Australian David Hicks, one of those held at Guantanamo bay is considered in this report as the highest profile case. That is a really scary thought, since coverage of his condition is censored, and marginal at best, and…

By leigh

Anti-consumerism sites

February 18, 2004 Off

Courtesy of Jill, I’ve been checking out Adbusters a print and web publication which is perhaps one of the best examples of culture jamming advocacy. One of the sites they reference is the historically informed MediaCarta, a declaration and petition for intellectual rights in our sea of corporate controlled media.

By leigh