Month: April 2004

The Cost

April 30, 2004 Off

While the neocons pat themselves on the back for finally settling on an excuse (regime change) to have invaded Iraq, there are now appearing sites which illustrate some of the cost of this insane expedition. Don’t expect the corporate media to print any of these, the mandarins learnt their lessons from the Vietnam and Falklands…

By leigh

World Tribunal on Iraq

April 26, 2004 Off

On May 8th, the World Tribunal on Iraq is holding it’s hearings in New York. This is a world wide tribunal to consider the actions of the U.S. and it’s allies in the C.P.A in the illegal invasion of Iraq as crimes against humanity. The principle human rights violation of crime against the peace was…

By leigh

Afghan Women

April 22, 2004 Off

Lest we all adopt the “don’t worry, be happy” attitude of the Bush administration towards Afghanistan, post U.S. invasion of that country, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan illuminates the continuing plight of the women of that country.

By leigh

Iraq’s Oil Wars

April 21, 2004 Off

A well written summary of Iraq’s military history and the impact of oil influence and control. Particularly revealing for me was the degree of influence BP has on the Blair government, while we’re all well aware of the influence oil companies have on the Bush government.

By leigh

Blowback Alert

April 17, 2004 Off

So now the Bush Admin has realised no country that forms it’s foreign policy in some consultation with its citizens wants to engage in illegal occupations, there is a need to draft further peace-keepers. In classically racist fashion, the Bush administration is targetting African countries to receive funding to train and provide “peacekeepers”. This is…

By leigh

Withholding War Taxes

April 9, 2004 Off

Since the tax day in the U.S. is due, I found a good guide to withholding taxes which are used to fund the current illegal war against Iraq. I found this on the Iraq Peace Team web site, part of the Voices in the Wilderness organisation. At the moment I’m following the fourth recommendation, earn…

By leigh