Month: June 2004

Majority of Israelis Think Like Nazis

June 25, 2004 Off

Sad but true according to Ha’aretz (courtesy of the Angry Arab Blog). Scapegoating, advocating expulsion of Arab citizens, stripping of citizenship, construction of ghettos and bantustans, and the quest for “living space”: the victims have become the victimisers.

By leigh

The Cockroaches Scatter

June 23, 2004 Off

Caught in the spotlight, the cockroaches of the current U.S. justice department have begun to scatter, issuing statements that the Gonzales August 2002 legal memo arguing methods to dodge prohibition of aggressive interrogation tactics would be reviewed. So lets be clear, it has taken nearly two years of this memo being in operation (or at…

By leigh

Questions Not Asked of Slick Willy

June 21, 2004 Off

With all of the hoopla over the release of Clintons book, and the sycophantic interview with the liar Dan Rather (“President Clinton points out that when Hussein kicked U.N. weapons inspectors out of Iraq in 1998, he ordered a four-day bombing raid, but was unable to find out how many if any chemical and biological…

By leigh

Australian Government Knew of Abuse of Prisoners in June ’03

June 18, 2004 Off

Twenty five Australian military reports have been tabled in the Australian federal parliament that the defence minister knew of prisoner abuse in June of 2003, contradicting several statements by the minister. This could also lead to the prime-minister who has claimed he only knew of prisoner abuse when the photographs of Abu Ghraib were revealed.…

By leigh

Caterpillar Kills Palestinians

June 17, 2004 Off

Stop Cat and is a movement to highlight the use of Caterpillar D-9 and D-10 armoured bulldozers by the Israeli occupation forces to destroy the homes of Palestinians. This has resulted in over 1000 homes being destroyed and several deaths, including that of a U.S.

By leigh

Human Rights Watch Film Festival

June 16, 2004 Off

The Human Rights Watch Film Festival is currently running in New York. One I recommend is Persons of Interest which interviews a number of the 5000 persons detained by the U.S. government and held without charge due to their Arabic/South Asian backgrounds.

By leigh