Month: October 2004


October 25, 2004 Off

The heat is starting to get turned up on Douglas Feith, the creator of the Office of Special Plans, the lie factory created to funnel bogus Iraqi WMD intel into the whitehouse behind the CIA, using the office of the Vice-President (via Lewis Libby, Cheney’s aid). Further confirmation of the OSP is here.

By leigh

Gaza Hell

October 18, 2004 Off

An eye-witness report of the brutality of the Israeli Defence Forces in the Gaza strip, in particular the assault of the Jabalya refugee camp is devastating reading. Once again the number of Palestinians (the majority of which are civilians including women and children) vastly exceeds the abominable killings of Israeli civilians using home made rockets…

By leigh

U.S. as Oil Policeman

October 17, 2004 Off

An excellent article by Michael Klare, Hampshire College professor of peace and world security studies, highlights the degree to which the U.S. military now fulfils the role of security guard, guarding the world oil pipelines in the Central Asian republics, Latin America and Iraq as it continues to increase it’s dependence on imported oil.

By leigh

The Result

October 11, 2004 Off

Well it’s probably already known by readers that the Liberal party (conservative, U.S. Republican party supporting) won with an increased majority in the Australian federal elections. I’m going to try to avoid the punditry and over analysis typical of many blogs as to why that happened due to support/rejection of a particular policy proposed by…

By leigh

Leigh’s How To Vote Card

October 8, 2004 Off

Given my history of pontifications on this blog and that I am not currently a member of a political party, I may as well offer my analysis of the parties that are standing in my electorate of Curtin in Western Australia for the House of Representatives of federal parliament (which I am eligible to vote…

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