Month: October 2005

One day of questioning?

October 15, 2005 Off

(Letter sent to the West Australian Newspaper) With Prime Minister Howards proposed “anti-terror” legislation, if I point out the unfashionable truth that it is legal under the U.N. charter (which Australia signed) for Iraqi’s to militarily resist the colonial occupation of their country by the U.S., Britain and Australia, that view is now “urging a…

By leigh

Louisiana Wetlands Conservation

October 5, 2005 Off

I visited New Orleans in 2003 for Mardi-gras, and just recently was sent pictures of some of the destruction of my friends houses there from Hurricane Katrina. I’ve been following (quietly admittedly, I’m exhibiting Blogger Burnout due to “real” workload) the fall-out from the disaster.

By leigh