March 2, 2006 Off By leigh

As the debate rages over whether to fund Hamas, “a democratically elected terrorist organization”, it’s worth considering how the claim of the state of Israel and it’s terrorist group, the Ergun, responsible for bombing British hotels in Palestine in 1946, were allowed to be legitimate.
Likewise, as a furore blows up over the Dutch-Palestinian film Paradise Now, which humanises suicide bombers, yet Spielbergs Munich which humanises Israeli assassins and the racist Golda Meir (who claimed Palestinians didn’t exist, mirroring the language of Hamas), passes with little protest. For the record, I’ve seen Munich, and haven’t yet had a chance to see Paradise Now (waiting on an English translation here, my Dutch isn’t up to it).

There are few other conclusions to draw than that there is a convenient moral relativism at work, aiding powerful interests, bounding the debate.