The Cost of Globalisation: McJobs

March 13, 2006 Off By leigh

Straight from the mouth of corporate America and using the U.S. Federal government statistics higher educated wages are falling, while lower skilled jobs wages (“McJobs”) are actually increasing in the U.S. As the article itself posits, it could be a statistical anomaly, or it could be the result of outsourcing as a result of globalisation starting to really impact the white collar workers.

Since these skilled workers are traditionally non-unionised, there is much work to be done before they would become a political lobbying group sufficient to influence the two corporatist political parties in the U.S. The race to the bottom from unbridled transfer of global capital to the lowest income countries is having the opposite effect than proposed by globalisations proponents. Just as it is getting easier for corporations to move their operations offshore and not be required to meet fair trade standards matching the native workers conditions, it is being made harder for workers to move to seek better wages and conditions.

It’s a downward spiral directly created by the World Trade Organisation, a completely undemocratic entity operating in the interests of multinational capital and directly against the interests of the majority of the world, be they third world farmers, or college educated Westerners.