Month: September 2006

Who killed the electric car?

September 14, 2006 Off

The excellent weekly news program Dateline, on Australian SBS television has a cracker of a story about the U.S. car company General Motors killing the electric car. For a country like Australia with abundant daily sunshine, it’s a no-brainer. The follow up story on electronic rental bicycles in Lyon also resonates now that I’m enjoying…

By leigh

Banksy strikes again

September 13, 2006 Off

Banksy hits Disneyland. Courtesy of Brett. Actually Aussie John Saffran pulled a similar stunt at Disneyland many years ago, planting a fake caption under a photo of Walt, noting his anti-semitism.

By leigh

Scholars & Artists for International Democracy

September 8, 2006 Off

As part of my work in music cognition, I attended the 9th International conference on Music Perception and Cognition. Subsequent to that meeting, a meeting of scholars convened a second meeting of Scholars and Artists for International Democracy, which calls for a return to internationalism and rejects the unprovoked invasion of Iraq and the ongoing…

By leigh