Month: June 2009

The Iranian Revolutionary Road

June 22, 2009 Off

I’m sure many people have been following the Iranian uprising. What we could also be seeing is the death of corporate journalism. The control by the government regime of corporate and foreign journalists has put the power and obligation of reporting of the uprising back in the hands of the Iranian people. With the current…

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June 13, 2009 Off

I’ve been experimenting with panoramic photographs on and off for several years. I’ve now posted a set shot many years ago now, in NYC and India, using a Kiwi panoramic head and a Kodak DC240.

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Brazil, China and Russia dumping U.S. currency

June 10, 2009 Off

As I’ve mentioned before, the U.S. currency has been under threat of massive deflation if it reverts from it’s reserve currency status. In the past, the threat has been from the rise of PetroEuros due to the diversified European political decision making and it’s oil dependence. This Clark hypothesis saw oil as the main trigger…

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Detecting onsets and beat tracking in singing

June 3, 2009 Off

As part of my work with the EmCAP project, a paper I collaborated on has finally appeared. This reports work that I collaborated with researchers in Plymouth (Martin, Sue) and Barcelona (Hendrik, Amaury, Piotr) as well as Henkjan. We computationally modelled the human perception of onsets of musical notes and tracking of the musical beat.…

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