The Pleasure Programmes at the Theatre for the New City

June 14, 2012 Off By leigh

I’ve been jamming jazz standards with some good friends, Elizabeth Soychak, Sam Coley and Matt Winch, with our tongue-in-cheek band name “The Pleasure Programmes” (named after a cheesy title from a fake book of “suggested collections” of music). We recently had the opportunity to perform at the Theatre for the New City in the East Village, NYC as part of the Lower East Side arts festival. We ended up being downstairs in a very boomy concrete box, so the audio isn’t spectacular (my guitar sounds thin, and the bass is muffled), but it was a performance we were pretty happy with.

(Folks That Live On The Hill, by Jerome Kern)

Jill did a great job shooting and editing our performances!

(Darn that Dream, by Jimmy Van Heusen and Eddie de Lange)

(Desafinando, by Antonio Carlos Jobim)

(Behave Yourself, by Roger Shore)