BreakTweaker released using MediaMined Discover

January 23, 2014 Off By leigh

iZotope today announced BreakTweaker a drum machine and synth DAW plugin incorporating MediaMined Discover for content based searching of its sample libraries. The video demo does not discuss the feature, but you’ll see the “Discover” button on the Sample window at 1:40 in the video.

All of the factory content has been indexed by MediaMined Discover for timbral similarity. This allows finding new drum samples based on examples users are already working with. BreakTweaker doesn’t do searching by text tags or names of files, but instead, presents a list of samples that acoustically most closely match the current sample. This allows BreakTweaker users to try drum samples that sound similar but provide variety to the current sound. The aim is to stream line the process to create evolving and varied drum tracks.