Humtap launched

December 17, 2014 Off By leigh

The project I’ve been working on for the last eight months has now released our first public release. Humtap is a mobile app for collaborative music making. Users collaborate by each recording hums and taps into their mobile phones. These audio recordings are transcribed and become musical avatars. A user can then create a piece of music (currently of the electronica genre) by combining their hum or tap with another user’s tap or hum, or with their own tap or hum. Finally, users can also create a new piece of music by combining two other user’s hum and tap. The app combines the transcriptions in a musical way and selects the electronic instrumentation. The goal is to enable non-musicians to be engaged in the musical creative process (if you can hum or tap, you can make music).

You sign into Humtap using your Facebook id, mainly so we can get a picture of you to represent your musical creation, without having to police what people upload. Initially, it’s only for Apple iOS devices, but stay tuned… Visit to get the app (it’s free).