October 17, 2015 Off By leigh

I’ve recently moved onto some new music information retrieval projects. I moved on from Humtap (wishing them ongoing success!) to MuseAmi in June but unfortunately they made a big strategic pivot in August and downsized the company by a third, myself included. Sad of course, but ultimately start-ups sometimes need to make tough decisions.

A fun trip to attend ISEA 2015 in Vancouver and hang out with my buddy Jordan Yerman, has lead to an ongoing electronic art project, the Street Cat Photo Booth. This is a project we’re working on leveraging networked web cameras, machine learning and street kitties!

I’m now also doing some fun work with LANDR as a Senior Research Scientist, doing machine learning based automated music production mastering. This is a great bunch of folks, doing some very cool work, hope to be able to provide more details in the future.