Ancient Ensoniq Mirage Samples and MS-DOS Utilities

Many moons ago, I used to own an Ensoniq Mirage sampling keyboard.

There are still a number of people using the Mirage, so here is a source of info for those souls still enjoying the 2 LED interface…

These samples and downloads originally came from the Music Software Exchange, which retailed (for nominal shipping fee) public domain music software. I haven’t seen any further adverts for them, so all the disks I have I’ve put up here.

Please don’t ask me for the source of the operating system disks. I sold my Mirage a long time ago and don’t know anyone with one. There are many other sites devoted to people who continue to use the Mirage, or contact Ensoniq.

You’ll need:

      • The MASOS operating system diskette for the Mirage. This is different from the standard V3.2 Mirage operating system disk.
      • An MPU-401 compatible MIDI interface (a Soundblaster should work) running on port 0x330. This is the default address so unless you changed something it should work.
      • The files are compressed with zip which exists on many platforms, if you don’t have it, do a web search.

The available disks hold:

      • – MSE original catalog of ancient MIDI public domain software
      • – MS-DOS Utilities for reading Mirage formatted disks, ESQ-1 synth sys-ex librarians, MIDI specifications of MASOS.
      • – MS-DOS Utilities for communicating between an IBM PC equipped with a Roland MPU-401 and a Mirage.
      • – Chimes, Cave Organ samples
      • – Yamaha CD70 Electric Piano, Picked Bass samples
      • – Cars taking off, Thunder and Rain samples
      • – Part 1 of a collection of MIDI utilities
      • – Part 2 of a collection of MIDI utilities
      • – Part 3 of a collection of MIDI utilities
      • – Part 1 of a collection of MIDI programming routines
      • – A Generic MIDI Sys-ex librarian
      • – Speaker design software, etc
      • – An Unix script and C source to convert the sample disks to .aiff format (or easily any other format) with Sox.