I have worked in commercial systems analysis, software engineering, project management, personnel training, technical writing, system and network administration. Application experience includes music information retrieval systems, audio DSP applications, music composition systems, bank cryptography, EFTPOS, smartcards, language design and compiler construction, embedded systems, communications, computer graphics, geographic/land information systems, GPS based aerial photography positioning systems.

Research experience includes music information retrieval, music perception and cognition, computer music synthesis, interactive performance systems, analysis and modelling of musical rhythm, wavelet, DSP and music applications of machine learning and AI. Teaching experience includes undergraduate project and MSc. thesis supervision, lecturing and tutoring at several international universities.

Clients and employer organisations have included Intellect Australia, Super Software, GS-Corporation, ITS Pty Ltd, NCR, IBM, University of Western Australia, tomandandy music inc, MIDIMan inc, Thumtronics, Universiteit van Amsterdam, IRCAM, Poptank Studios, Imagine Research, iZotope, Music Prodigy, Humtap Inc. and LANDR Audio Inc.

A PDF resume is available, and the same information is on my LinkedIn Profile.