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Birthday Biking and Parenthood Planning

August 29, 2004 Off

Last night I had the opportunity to celebrate my birthday joining (according to the NYPD) 5000 bike riders in a critical mass bike ride through Manhattan streets. That some 264 riders were arrested is ridiculous – at worst there were some traffic violations of riding through a red light – riders never impeded an ambulance…

By leigh

Popular Support for Venezuela’s Chavez

August 10, 2004 Off

President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez is facing a referendum on his presidency on August 15th. Chavez has already fought off one coup attempt (see the documentary The Revolution Will Not Be Televised) by the corporatist opposition who bought the referendum, using falsified signatures on the petition.

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The Corporation and Tell An American to Vote

July 16, 2004 Off

Possibly even better than Fahrenheit 9/11 is “The Corporation”. Containing interviews with CEOs, Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, Naomi Klein and others, it is really well done. It’s amazing some of the political documentaries which are surfacing this year. The ripple effect these will have as they reach the wider DVD/Video audience could impact the U.S.…

By leigh

A deeper reading of Farenheit 9/11

July 3, 2004 Off

Like Oliver Stone’s film J.F.K, Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 is rapidly becoming the canon for explaning recent U.S. domestic and foreign policy and it’s outcomes. Stephen Rosenthal and Junaid Ahmad’s review of the film investigates deeper, showing Moore to be selective in his damnation, accurately criticising Republican policy while being silent on the equally immoral…

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Human Rights Watch Film Festival

June 16, 2004 Off

The Human Rights Watch Film Festival is currently running in New York. One I recommend is Persons of Interest which interviews a number of the 5000 persons detained by the U.S. government and held without charge due to their Arabic/South Asian backgrounds.

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Control Room

May 24, 2004 Off

Just saw Control Room, an excellent documentary examining the nature of subjectivity in news reporting. From the co-director of, it is an investigation of staff at al-Jazeera, the now well known Arabic satellite TV channel. It is telling how this gulf war has repeated the rise in position of a TV network in the…

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