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January 17, 2019 0

New York City is a noisy place, but equipped with a very convenient subway system, despite mismanagement and stripping of funds by the NY governor Andrew Cuomo. When I’m not on a bicycle, the subway not only avoids needing a car, but gives me an opportunity to listen to music or podcasts. Another use case…

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July 30, 2018 Off

Images of equipment I’ve built or modified Guitar Synthesizers – Modifications, repairs and installations of guitar synthesizer hexaphonic pickups. Roland 24 pin cable – Documentation of building a special Roland 24 pin connector from scratch. Micromoog Repair – Documentation of repairs to a Micromoog synthesizer.

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Restoring a Micromoog

December 13, 2010 Off

Some time back, I acquired a Micromoog analog, monophonic synth. These little beasts are a single oscillator synth, but include a sub-oscillator, 24dB/Oct filter, good modulation, ribbon pitch bend and CV interfacing. The clincher was one appeared cheap on Ebay advertised as requiring “Tender Loving Care”: the wooden base needed replacing, but that it did…

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