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iZotope acquires Imagine Research

March 13, 2012 Off

The company I have been working with for about 18 months now, Imagine Research has now been acquired by iZotope Inc. based in Boston. This is a great opportunity for us to continue to develop our MediaMined technology, to broaden it’s reach and incorporate it into iZotope’s future products. For my local friends, I’ll continue…

By leigh

Foot-tapping with Rubato

June 30, 2010 Off

This is an example of automatic interpretation of an anapest rhythm undergoing extreme asymmetrical rubato (tempo variation). The foot-tapper plays a hi-hat sound along to a test anapestic rhythm (repeated short-short-long) which is being varied in it’s tempo. The tapper has found the underlying repetition rate and selectively chosen to tap on the first beat…

By leigh