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iZotope acquires Imagine Research

March 13, 2012 Off

The company I have been working with for about 18 months now, Imagine Research has now been acquired by iZotope Inc. based in Boston. This is a great opportunity for us to continue to develop our MediaMined technology, to broaden it’s reach and incorporate it into iZotope’s future products. For my local friends, I’ll continue…

By leigh

SBCL fink build for PPC

September 23, 2009 Off

I’ve just posted an updated 1.0.31 install file for SBCL (Steel Bank Common Lisp) to build on PowerPC Macintoshes using the fink package manager. This should eventually appear as part of the unstable section of fink for MacOS 10.5. MacOS 10.5.X is the end of the road for PPC Mac’s (and I’m still running a…

By leigh

MusicKit V5.6.0 now available

July 5, 2009 Off

After a period that is much longer than I had hoped for, a new release V5.6.0 of the MusicKit is now available. The change log is huge, but the highlights are: Documentation on building the MusicKit has been improved. Now builds on MacOS 10.5.X Intel or PPC and GNUstep. No longer requires external libraries to…

By leigh