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MusicKit V5.6.0 now available

July 5, 2009 Off

After a period that is much longer than I had hoped for, a new release V5.6.0 of the MusicKit is now available. The change log is huge, but the highlights are: Documentation on building the MusicKit has been improved. Now builds on MacOS 10.5.X Intel or PPC and GNUstep. No longer requires external libraries to…

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December 22, 2008 Off

I’ve now moved to a drupal based web site and so this is the last message on this feed. From now on, all new messages will be from, or just visit for the link.

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Welcome to my new website

December 20, 2008 Off

It’s well past the time for a major rethink of my site. I’ve decided to use drupal which Jill and I have successfully been using over at, and version 6 looks to be quite a nice upgrade from version 5. Eventually most of the content will be converted over to the new site and…

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The Thummer

December 26, 2005 Off

A project on which I worked for much of 2005 was The Thummer, an innovative musical keyboard which I’m very pleased to see has now reached public release. In particular, their video news release is well worth viewing.

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Outsourcing, Monopolisation, Stagnation

January 27, 2004 Off

U.S. technology pundits, analysts and political commentators have understandably lamented the outsourcing issue, that is, the rapid transfer of technology jobs to countries such as China and India. As Robert Cringley noted, the technology industry was the last U.S. industry left that had trade surpluses. If this industry does truly transfer it’s main centre of…

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