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Al-Qaeda’s Computers

August 14, 2004 Off

The Atlantic has a report by Alan Cullison describing the contents of a computer stolen from Al-Qaeda’s office in Kabul, including emails by Bin Laden. It provides an insight into the daily operations of the organisation.

By leigh

Veggie Cars

July 30, 2004 Off

My next car (if I ever have to buy one again, one of the joys of living in New York city) is going to run on vegetable oil. Greasel has more how-to information. Wired has an article on the appearance of advocates for biodiesel at the Democratic National Convention.

By leigh

Caterpillar Kills Palestinians

June 17, 2004 Off

Stop Cat and is a movement to highlight the use of Caterpillar D-9 and D-10 armoured bulldozers by the Israeli occupation forces to destroy the homes of Palestinians. This has resulted in over 1000 homes being destroyed and several deaths, including that of a U.S.

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Balance of Trade in Advanced Technologies

April 3, 2004 Off

I’ve been reading Emmanuel Todd’s “After The Empire”, in which he references the Census bureau statistics on balance of trade in advanced technologies. The numbers speak for themselves, the U.S. is importing more advanced technologies than it is exporting, consistently, since 2001. This is less an indictment of the Bush administration specifically and more a…

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Java scores big in China

February 18, 2004 Off

The Register is reporting a very large Chinese cellphone (90m subscribers) contract with Sun using Java. I’m not trying to be Chicken Little, but this does lend weight to my concern that there is a technology shift occurring towards open standards in developing markets that may lead to U.S. technology stagnation or bypass for home…

By leigh

Open Source Software in Iraq

February 2, 2004 Off

The geek blog Slashdot has an interesting interview with a journalist in Iraq who is a member of the Iraq Linux User Group. As the country emerges from political (incl. internet) repression, the open question is whether it will then come under corporate oppression, namely beholden to Microsoft’s pricing.

By leigh