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Outsourcing, Monopolisation, Stagnation

January 27, 2004 Off

U.S. technology pundits, analysts and political commentators have understandably lamented the outsourcing issue, that is, the rapid transfer of technology jobs to countries such as China and India. As Robert Cringley noted, the technology industry was the last U.S. industry left that had trade surpluses. If this industry does truly transfer it’s main centre of…

By leigh

My, there are many bugs in the system…

January 23, 2004 Off

Clearly bugs are the toys d’annee for the Bush administration. First it (using the National Security Agency) partakes in bugging the offices and homes of diplomats of six undecided countries on the U.N security council as it was trying to push through it’s illegal invasion of Iraq. When Katherine Gun blew the whistle on this,…

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My dream laptop

January 21, 2004 Off

I use an Apple 2001 vintage G4 Powerbook about 15 hours a day. It’s great, but looking forward, here’s my realisable dream machine: Dual processor 2GHz G5s. 4Gb flash memory for the operating system. 802.11g (54Mbps) WiFi with wide spread coverage. No hard disk! Uses a distributed secure file sharing protocol, perhaps the Andrew File…

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My daily news sites

January 18, 2004 Off

I’ve been checking Juan Coles blog a professor of Middle East history who speaks Urdu, Arabic and other middle east languages. He has some very informed commentary, particularly his monitoring of Arabic news sources.

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The Presidents Space Program

January 15, 2004 Off

I support astronomical exploration but it is very clear that the idea of sending humans back into space as proposed by Bush yesterday is fundamentally flawed. It turns out the Bush administration has been in talks with Halliburton, Shell, and Baker Hughes among others about the provision of space exploration. There is considerable argument that…

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