Software Projects

Some open source projects I have started, maintained or contributed to, which are hosted on GitHub and/or Sourceforge, in addition to my commercial projects (described in my biography), include:

  • MultiresRhythm
    A Common Lisp library of the Multiresolution Rhythm model of rhythm, syncopation and expectation representation as produced during the EmCAP project. See my Research Page for details of multiresolution rhythm analysis and interpretation.
  • MIDISPORT MacOS 64 bit device driver
    A CoreMIDI device driver for interfacing to M-Audio’s MIDISPORT devices.

  • The MusicKit/SndKit
    I ported the MusicKit, originally written by David A. Jaffe and Julius Smith III, a DSP based object-oriented music library which integrated DSP, MIDI and software synthesis paradigms to OpenStep/MacOS X/Windows/Linux (GnuStep).
  • Calliope
    William Clocksin’s Calliope music notation package from NeXTStep to MacOS X and GNUstep.
  • The MathKit
    A collection of matrix, vector, DSP, statistics and other mathematical operations as an Objective C framework for use on MacOS X/OpenStep/GnuStep.
    A numerical library for matrix and array processing and plotting in Common Lisp, leveraging the Gnu Scientific Library. Effectively it makes Common Lisp as easy to crunch data as Matlab.
  • Mirage Utilities
    While I didn’t write these utilities, it seems I’m the last person who has these, so I’ve kept my page for download.