Software Projects

  • MediaMined by iZotope Inc.
    A commercially available rhythmic and timbral similarity and recommendation engine web service.
  • Alphabet Soup by Oz Music Code Software.
    A commercial easy to use sample player for MacOS X. Now no longer for sale.
  • MultiresRhythm
    See my Research Page for my software for multiresolution rhythm analysis and interpretation.
  • Several open source projects
    There are several software projects I have started, maintain and/or contribute to, hosted on These include:
    A library for matrix and array processing and plotting in Common Lisp. Effectively it makes Common Lisp as easy to crunch data as Matlab.
  • The MusicKit/SndKit
    Originally by David Jaffe and Julius Smith, a DSP based object-oriented music library which integrates DSP, MIDI and software synthesis paradigms to OpenStep/MacOS X/Windows/Linux (GnuStep).
  • Calliope
    William Clocksin’s Calliope music notation package from NeXTStep to MacOS X and GNUstep.
  • The MathKit
    A collection of matrix, vector, DSP, statistics and other mathematical operations as an Objective C framework for use on MacOS X/OpenStep/GnuStep.
  • Mirage Utilities
    While I didn’t write these utilities, it seems I’m the last person who has these, so I’ve kept my page for download.